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 Kaloev Back to Russia

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PostSubject: Kaloev Back to Russia   Kaloev Back to Russia EmptySat Nov 17, 2007 12:44 pm

Kaloev Back to Russia Kmo_0810
Back from Swiss prison, he feels well and thanks fellow citizens that supported him, Vitaly Kaloev announced in Domodedovo airport, Moscow, Vesti TV channel reported. “In prison, I didn’t feel outside the homeland,” Kaloev emphasized.
The former prisoner said he wants to go back to Vladikavkaz, where he will visit the cemetery in Beslan and the graves of his children.

In October 2005, Vitaly Kaloev was sentenced to eight years of prison for stabbing to death Skyguide air traffic controller Peter Nielsen February 24, 2004. The controller was on duty in time of the 2002 mid-air collision of Russia’s Tu-154 airliner and Boeing cargo plane. The death toll of that crash reached 71, including Kaloev’s wife and children.

Kaloev was released after the Swiss court upheld the ruling that shortened his sentence to five years and three months, of which he had served two-thirds. Four air traffic control managers were found guilty of manslaughter. Three of them got 12-month suspended sentences and one more was fined. Four other employees were acquitted.

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PostSubject: Re: Kaloev Back to Russia   Kaloev Back to Russia EmptySat Nov 17, 2007 2:39 pm

For me it is strange. It is like car accident, when car hits a man. If driver was drunk and didn't help victim i would understand if someone would kill him in revange. But when it was just accident becouse of some negligence - for example driver was sleepy or was talking by mobile phone it would be hard to justice. How can we kill someone becouse of using phone during driving.? Yes he killed but rather by accident than becouse bad will.
So for me I can understand this guy but i would not act like he did. Maybe I would just "talk" with this air controler to arouse his conscience. Prisons exist only becouse some people don't have uneasy conscience imo.
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Kaloev Back to Russia
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