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 The bronze sculpture is intact

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The bronze sculpture is intact Empty
PostSubject: The bronze sculpture is intact   The bronze sculpture is intact EmptySun May 13, 2007 4:35 pm

The bronze sculpture is intact Capt_m11

The Ministry of Defence hereby dismisses any and all speculations about cutting the Bronze Soldier into pieces or damaging the sculpture otherwise.

In 1947 sculpturing techniques were not advanced enough to produce such monuments in one piece. The bronze sculpture, cast into Enn Roos' plaster model, was put together from several (up to 10) parts. Those parts were connected with dowels and the joints were smoothened. The line that the delegates of the Russian State Duma referred to is simply one of those joints. Had the sculpture been damaged during transport, welding would have been the only way to fix it. However, a weld would be clearly visible. After removing the Bronze Soldier, which weighs 1.6-1.8 tonnes, from Tõnismägi it was cleaned and its dowels were replaced.
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The bronze sculpture is intact
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